Seúl, Corea., Noviembre 25, 2014.

Appreciated President of the International Society of Internal Medicine. Dr. Rodolfo Bado.
Honorable executive Committee.
Estimated colleagues from the 62 countries associated to this organization.

I feel grateful with you for this opportunity, thank you for let me share with you my interest about internal medicine all over the world.

There is not discussion about the worth of our specialty, for preventing and integrating, the elements for doing the quality of life a reality.

The Mexican College of internal medicine was founded in 1974, 40 years of continuous medical education and a large tradition in the role of Mexican health, has positioned our specialty in the first place of his guild.

We have certificated 10 000 doctors in our country, all of them working, researching, teaching and assisting patients in the different medical organizations; 52 regional affiliated colleges are in close contact with de headquarter, working simultaneously in the same objectives Two main events every year take place in our College, the International Conference, with participation of all the researching centers from all the country, and the National Congress which gathers the maximum forum for the internal medicine in México.

We work in coordination with the other colleges, as well with other subspecialties: nephrologists, neurologists, cardiologist, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, and the Medical Academy and Surgeons Academy.

We have been a leading example of organization and progress, with a high success in all the programs and projects we have done. That´s why we think, Mexico is your best option for hosting this incredible world congress of Internal Medicine, 2020.

I feel honored with the distinction of this invitation, and also for letting me, showing you the beauty of Mexico, the profound tradition that surrounds his magic environment, the colorfulness of his sceneries and the diversity of his landscapes.

We would like to invited you to experiences the explosion of sensation with a sunny morning in the Caribbean City of Cancun, come and travel through the flavors of our incredible gastronomy, then delight contagious you of the amazing diversity of our traditional flavored beverages.

We are prepared to surprise you with an outstanding organization and logistic for this 2020 World Congress, in a scenery of beauty that captives the senses and enjoy the spirit for all of that, who decide walk beside us in this futuristic health mission.

The academic program will be enriched for your participation and the partnership we have in countries that constitutes the international Society. Alliances with USA, Europe, Latin America, now with Asia and soon with Africa and Oceania, contributes to produce an ambitious Program, with the objective of settling a precedent for future Congresses, letting the impression printed in the practice and professional development of all the Internal Medicine Doctors who decide to participate in it.

My country received 42 million visitors every year from all over the world and 9 million of them, come to our beauty proposal for this Congress, Cancun Quintana Roo México, a Caribbean city with enchanting nuances of turquoise, blue and green, modern, functional and with spaces for all the exigencies. Cancun lives night and day, is too an interesting destination designed just for enjoying all the tastes and preferences.

Near Cancun is Chichen Itzá, Coba, Tulum and Uxmal witnesses of one of the most intriguing pre-Hispanic culture, considered part of the Mayan legacy. The population in Cancún is constituted with people from many countries, Arabic, Dutch, British, Italian and indigenous influences are present in the ethnic, culinary and cultural expressions.

200 flights, are received every week from different countries, many of them direct flights, public services are considered of high quality and the chances of walking at anytime, facilitates the sightseeing by your own, on this pretty venue. Hotels are ready with 29 thousand rooms. The convention center has capacity for 6 thousand participants in school system and 8 thousand in the auditory system. A plenary for 3000 people can be done simultaneously to different break outs.

Cancun is a great experience for the visitor with outstanding resorts and affordable prices are available, in addition to the business class hotels for those who decide for a cheaper option.

Shopping is easy for you, always near your hotel, 5 centers were done for your commodity and satisfaction.

Aquatic sports beside the Caribbean reef, golf courts, fishing places and Spas are ready for the most exigent tastes.

There is not any doubt about the experience you will have in all the aspects, I am sure that your visit will remain in your memories for ever.

The respect and the acknowledgment for my specialty, the passion for servicing to my partners and patients, and the interest for spreading the benefits of this interesting medical practice, makes me feel very proud to share this opportunity with all of you.

Thank you for inviting me to lead the proposal of the world Congress, thank you for honored my country with your invitation and if you say yes to Mexico, thank you for joining us in this interesting project to spread the most useful tool for providing health to this world, THE INTERNAL MEDICINE.

Someone said my favorite organ is the brain, and I agree, and in my case the first one is my hart a Mexican hart for sheering with you.

Muchas Gracias
Grazie mille
Thank you very much
Cmsa mida


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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to invite you to the World Congress of Internal Medicine 2020
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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to invite you to the World Congress of Internal Medicine 2020 Leer más »

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Ubicada en Quintana Roo, México, y las claras aguas del Caribe la rodean. Lo caracterizan playas, cuya arena de coral es fina y blanca.
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Cancún, Quintana Roo. México

Las claras aguas del Caribe la rodean. Lo caracterizan sus hermosas playas cuya arena de coral es fina y blanca. Su mar de aguas transparentes posee un matiz impresionante de azules que va desde el esmeralda hasta el turquesa y que te hará repensar lo que significa la claridad.

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